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November 2019 News

Our planned activity on Thursday 21 Nov was cancelled due to the total fire ban declared across the state.

This month we have concentrated on wayleave maintenance.

The Sunday we spent cutting and pasting the small gorse on the edge of the Weerona Trail.

Our annual planning is tentatively set for  Wednesday 15th Jan. 2020.

More about that nearer to the day.

October 2019 News

This month was spent removing pretty flowers that have developed into environmental problems. First it was Euryops  on the upper slope of the Weerona Trail near Mt. Stuart. A tall, yellow daisy like flower. Very prolific in disturbed soil.

Then it was forget-me-nots in the Providence Rivulet Gully. Here we had the help from 5 volunteers from ACQUATIC Informatics, so a lot of plants were pulled up.

Sunday was the ‘plant-give-away day’, so we removed  some more forget-me-nots from the reserve, then helped Gabrielle with setting up the free plants, a yearly COH event.

Karen is doing some spraying of gorse, that was not killed by a damp fire three years ago, above the Weerona Trail. We hope to get her back to do some more.

September 2019 News

We are still working on the Euryops at the Mt. Stuart end of the Weerona Trail, and it will need a few more sessions there. Green ‘spray-on-mulch’ has been put on the verge along the trail, to help with erosion.

Sunday in Salvator Rosa Glen was really successful. 7 teenagers from Friends School and some parents and a few extra volunteers, cleared at least 8o% of the forget-me-nots. Now we just need to keep an eye on the rest, and make sure they are taken out before they can seed.

August 2019 News

Track workers have been busy upgrading the damage to tracks in the reserve. The damage happened in May last year, but it takes time for money to become available for the work.

The area above the Weerona Trail towards Weerona Ave. is really overgrown with Euryops.

So all our activities this month have been concentrated on getting rid of the introduced garden plants before they flower and seed again. There are still many, many left, but little by little we will get rid of them.

July 2019 News

All the activities in July were used to remove the old fence from the Fielding land that COH has acquired. Between 150 and 160, five feet(?) tall star pickets were pulled out of the ground with a special gadget we borrowed from COH. Four strands of wire, two of them barbed, all of them rusted, were cut and detached from the pickets and rolled up. Finally, everything was carried down to the Weerona Trail, for collection by COH. This took more time than the set program allocated, and some people put in extra hours.

It always  amaze me how much extra work many of the members are willing to put into the betterment of the reserve.

There is a lot of Euryops at the Mt. Stuart end of the Weerona Trail, and we want to get it before it flowers.

June 2019 News

The upgrade and re-alignment of the fire trail through the old Fielding land is finished. The fire trail is a continuation of Weerona Ave. into the reserve, so for ease of orientation, we call the trail : the Weerona Trail. It seems quite popular, you see many people walking through.
Two of our activities were spent above the Weerona Trail, cutting and pasting re-growth gorse. The same job was done above the Sandy Spit Trail following Bruce’s GPS points.
About 400 pegs were removed from old plantings in Salvator Rosa Glen. Matthew Baker from the herbarium is looking into a species of CYPRUS that grows in the glen, and we hope it’s an endemic.
Lauren Jakob, a student at UTAS, is doing a study on Eastern Barred bandicoots and Eastern quolls in the reserve, using motion activated cameras.
The old fence around the newly acquired area is unsightly and bane for running wildlife, so we will have a go at removing it.

May 2019 News

This month we did the half yearly wayleave maintenance. Then spent Sunday on going over a previously cleared area in the Fielding section. It's easier to see if you have missed some gorse, when the old cuttings are brow and dead.
The fire trail in that section has been upgraded. And they have just started on the realignment of the bend above Bimbadeen Ct.
The long awaited fire hazard reduction burn of the southern slope of Knocklofty was finally possible in May. The first part of the burn happened on a bit of a windy day and the area is burnt black. Though the upper parts of the trees were untouched.
However, the next two burns was less intense, and those areas were burnt like a patchwork quilt, with small alternate burnt and unburnt areas. The aim being to prevent hot, running, destructive fires. This also protect the reserve's biodiversity.
The area around the snail habitat was not burnt, and neither the two areas cleared by the 'green army' and our contractors.

April 2019 News

We had only two activities this month due to Easter.

The first was pruning in Salvator Rosa Glen.
Here we also felled an elderberry tree and removed some old tree guards

Next activity was weeding some re-growth gorse past the snail habitat in KR 22.
The upgrading of Lake Fenton pipeline trail and fire track (on the old Fielding land), is progressing very slowly; markings and little flags have gone up, but no construction work as yet. Four weeks of the supposedly ten weeks upgrade already gone.

Karen Bennett did some spraying for us in KR 15.

In May we will be doing the half yearly wayleave maintenance. However, as several of the regular Thursday people are unavailable on the first Thursday in May, and we need 5 - 7 people to do it, we have agreed to do the sweep from Lenah Valley and up etc. on Thursday 9th of May. Thus the wayleave will be done on the 9th and 16th May.

March 2019 News

We are slowly working over the area in KR 18 , marked out by Bruce with his GPS readings..

There is quite a lot of small re-growth gorse. It's almost 18 months since we were there last
With three mornings of heavy mist last week, we had to cancel the third Thursday activity.

The upgrading of fire trails in the reserve began this morning,.
All the machine activity should only last about 10 weeks.

February 2019 News

So far we have gone over previous cleared areas checking for re-growth gorse.

On the Sunday we followed GPS locations marked out by Bruce.
While doing this roving weeding, Rodney spotted some young plants of the moth daisy bush (Olearia erubescens), Bruce was very happy with this, as the plant is listed on the reserve’s plant list, but not very often seen.

The COH bushcare unit is organising a ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ activity on kunanyi/Mt Wellington.
3rd March from 10 am – 1.00 pm. Please contact or call 62382884 for more info.










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