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November 2018 News

At our first activity for the month, we had a visit from John Sampson, one of the writers for ‘Bandicoot Times’. His story will be in the next issue.
We checked half of the wayleave, the other half will be our last effort for the year.
The 3rd Sunday was spent on the former Fielding land. When we first started on that area, I was sure we would need contractors for the heavy work. However, for the last four month Rod and Greg together, and Rod on his own, have put in enough work to clear all the big old growth gorse and boneseed . I estimate they have saved us $10.000, the amount we paid last year for similar work. A very impressive effort!
This will be the last news report for the year.
We have one activity in Dec. then the X-mas break and planning meeting in the 3rd week of Jan. 2019. Then back on track the first Thursday in Feb. More about that early next year.

October 2018 News

The cut and paste of old growth gorse on the former Fielding land has continued. Rodney and Greg are still putting in a lot of their own time. Some big hawthorn was also removed at one activity.
We got a contractor to come in and spray the hemlock and forget-me-not in Salvator Glen.
Parks and Wildlife are concerned about sightings of deer in the reserve, if you see any, please report it to them immediately.
Due to the COH election, the X-mas BBQ has been moved to the 2nd Dec.

September 2018 News

This month we were quite active.
The first Thursday we cleared old growth gorse from the former Fielding property. Every time I go back there, I am amazed how much more gorse has gone. Rod and Greg continue to work so hard in their own time!
Then there was a meeting to organise the community planting.
Later, I took a pair of grade 2 classes from Mt. Stuart Primary School with teachers and parents on a tour of the northern end of the reserve. The students were really interested in the history and environment of the reserve, and the little pieces of fossils they found.
In appreciation, they donated $50 towards our tools, and biscuits for FoKL coffee breaks!
Sunday was the big planting day in Salvator Rosa Glen, the plants to enhance the newly constructed foot path. 93 people signed in, a majority was children, scouts from Mt. Stuart and their parents. The plants were soon put in, and water and mulch applied. Then the participants had some well-earned refreshment and a plant or two to take home. The 3 people from COH bushcare unit did a really good job in organising and helping everyone.
Thursday we went through the glen, deciding on future maintenance work.
The following Sunday another 30 poas were planted in the glen.

August 2018 News

This month has been spent on the old Fielding property, KR 13.
And we have made good progress, though the job is very big, However, if you look down past the Bandicoot Corridor, you will see the wall of big gorse and the growth behind has been cut! This remarkable effort is due to Rod and Greg, who in their spare time have worked away at it, in the last three weeks.
SO, HURRAH!! to ROD AND GREG for an amazing effort.

July 2018 News

We have been able to make a good start on clearing old growth gorse in KR 13. This is the area above the fire trail through the former Fielding property.
The eastern slope of Knocklofty.
This work will continue for the rest of the year, with intermittent days in other parts of the reserve.

There was an interesting ‘walk & talk’ about the silver wattle with a triploid genome, conducted by Dr Rod Griffin and colleagues.
This time regarding the pollination of the wattle.
There is talk of placing an informative sign next to the plant.

June 2018 News

This month we cleared woody weeds from the wayleave under the power lines from the Lenah Valley to South Hobart.
We have the area well under control, but always need to check to see if any big trees encroaches onto the wayleave.
It was interesting to see that a tree, far away from the wayleave, and not considered a problem, fell over in one of the recent storms.
The top branches would have touched the power lines as it fell, but obviously not enough to do any damage.
The Sunday was cancelled due to inclement weather.
Yes!! We have finally received the go-ahead to clear the gorse from the eastern slope of Knocklofty.
We will start from the Bandicoot Corridor, above the fire trail that goes to Mt. Stuart, and clear bone seed, broom, Euryops and gorse from that area.
Then next year we can look at the Providence Creek gully.

Beware, in the last few months cars have been broken into at the Forest Rd. car park.
Lock your cars, and make sure nothing valuable is visible.
Even some obvious small change is enough for a burglary.

May 2018 News

May was a rather eventful month, with rain and thunderstorms that flooded lower parts of Hobart, and then a little more than a week later a strong wind storm that took down trees.
The reserve was closed for a week, and two of our activities had to be cancelled.
Bush care workers from COH have assessed all the parks and reserves, and COH officials are talking with the insurers.
Knocklofty Reserve has ‘washed out’ fire trail and tracks, in particular on the steeper slopes.
Trees were blown over on to paths, but have now been cleared.
The new path through Salvator Glen had just been started before the rain. Just as well, as the contractor can now see how high the water runs after a bad storm
COH bush care unit organised two Sundays of ‘clean up’ at Hobart Rivulet and Cornelian Bay.
It was good to see some FoKL there at both activities.

We should know more about 66 Summer Hills Rd. at the end of June.

Due to the ‘all parks and reserves’ closure, we have re-scheduled our activities.

April 2018 News

The weather has been a bit ‘iffy’ this month. However, we are still hoping a hazard reduction burn will occur. We had a good session at the Leonard Wall Reserve this morning. A lot of seedling gorse was removed. Vicki (convenor , Valley St. bushcare group) hope to get the COH bushcare crew to spray the most difficult area. We have offered more help later in the year if needed. Sunday was very windy and a bit showery, so we walked over to 66 Summerhill Rd. and did a weed assessment. Then the ‘special afternoon tea’ curtesy COH at my place. I’ll be away for a fortnight, but our other very capable ‘Volunteer Supervisors’ will take over.

2018 Planning

I hope you had a pleasant summer break.

As you can see, we had a productive planning meeting. A large part of the program has been left open, pending developments at 66 Summerhill Rd.

In February we will go over the areas that was not burnt last autumn. It’s better to remove gorse before a burn, as stubs sprout vigorously after a burn. The burn is still on the cards, so things may change on any given day. Also, if it is a ‘total fire ban’ day we are not allowed to work in the reserve.However, regulars will be notified and somebody will be at car park to advice.

February2018 News

We spent the activities in February cutting and pasting gorse on previous cleared sites. The area covers the southern side of Knocklofty, above the extension of Forest Rd, past the boom gate. This is in preparation for the autumn burns, and we will continue this month.

A meeting at Salvator Rosa Glen was arranged by Ald. Anna Reynolds for local residents, FoKL and COH managers. This was to discuss the new track through the gully. The work is supposed to start in March, and a planting/management plan will be prepared for the glen. We hope to be involved in this plan.










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