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NOVEMBER 2017 News

This month we went twice to the area along the extension of Forest Rd. past the snail habitat, to do some cutting and pasting of gorse.
A rather tedious job, as the gorse is hiding among the grass and severely browsed.
Our wayleave day on Thursday 16th was cancelled due to rain.
However, our Thursday group is so willing and dedicated, they all agreed to come the following Thursday! So two thirds of the wayleave was done.
The BBQ put on by COH went well yesterday.
It is very much a photo opportunity for the bushcare unit.

OCTOBER 2017 News

First of all, I’ll like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Bruce in particular, but also to Robyn, Jim, and Greg for looking after things while I was away. An unexpected family emergency in Ballarat took longer than anticipated.

October went with another activity in Salvator Rosa Glen below Corby Ave. This area is more of an open urban area, and the COH is supposed to develop a plan and upgrade the existing track, so we can’t really do much with the site for now.

The Sunday was the plant-give-away, so we just worked for an hour then attended the event. The number of people wanting a plant seemed very low. Then we cut and pasted more hawthorn along the extension of Forest Rd. in preparation for the expected burn.


The 1st Thursday of September activity was more gorse removal in the private block, 193 Forest Road, finding the plants missed or resprouting.
The 3rd Sunday activity was more regrowth gorse removal on the uphill side of the Sandy Spit Track from Salvator Rosa Glen toward the Mt Stuart Track.
The 3rd Thursday activity was gorse regrowth removal along the northern side of the Glover Track and plant maintenance in the Poets Road entrance area. Unfortunately one of our most experienced Members slipped on wet soil and hit a tree fracturing his arm. This is the first serious accident our Group has had in nearly 25 years of Bushcare, so please all take extra care on wet areas.

AUGUST 2017 News

The weed in Janets Pond is dormant, so it will be inspected and may be removed when the pond has water in it.
Members trimmed the Poa labillardierei tussocks around the pond fence while others went roving weeding.
The 3rd Thursday activity was cancelled due to poor weather.
The foray for weeds up from Knocklofty Terrace found many small seedlings in the first terrace lower slope.
So many that we abandoned them after some time and will wait until they grow above the thick grass.
However, there were very few weeds on the other terraces and up through the hillside to the Reflecting Pond.
Some small Boneseed were pulled. Plant guards were removed on the lower terrace.
It was very pleasing to see the excellent work done by Karen our contractor.
She had cleared all the gorse and Boneseed inside the Optus fence including the steep slope others had not tacked,
thanks Karen.

JULY 2017 News

We had a good look at Salvator Rd. gully, and decided to go back in October.
It was a bit difficult to see how much weed needs to be removed. (winter time).
Also, a plan is supposed to be drawn up for the area, with regard to an improved track.
On the Sunday the old fence around the little dry pond near Janets Pond was removed.
The two COH staff with their trucks were a great help.
As we were sweeping over the hillside at the end of Forest Rd.,
cleared with the help of the Australian Conservation Volunteers a few years ago,
it was good to see how it has recovered, and only small seedlings of gorse needed to be pulled up

JUNE 2017 News

This past month’s activities were spent going over the cut area at 193 Forest Rd., and doing some wayleave maintenance on the South Hobart power line spur, and roving weeding in the area above the Sandy Spit track.

We have decided to donate $250 to Landcare Tasmania.

The COH’s Fire and Biodiversity Team has erected road markers in the reserve.

This month we will be looking at a new area, that has recently, officially, been added to the reserve. It’s the creek gully next to, and towards the end of Salvator Rd. This is an urban open area, surrounded by houses.

May 2017 News

The pressure was on, and all the big gorse and hawthorn were cut on no. 193 Forest Rd. Ready for the big burn!   And then the burn never happened.

With a little rain now and again in March and April, the moisture content at ground level was too high, not good for a burn. So now the burn may happen in spring or possibly next autumn.

Our activity days went well. It was surprising how many little seedlings of Euryops came back after last year’s burn near Mt. Stuart. Three quarter of the wayleave was checked, and the small quarries near Forest Rd. car park gone over for weeds.

Robyn M. and Jim A. were our representatives at the yearly COH ‘Volunteer Recognition Awards’.


April 2017 News

This month we have worked in three different places.

  • Cutting and pasting old growth gorse at no. 193 Forest Rd.
  • Hand pulling Euryops seedlings at the Mt. Stuart end of the reserve.
  • Combining with the Valley Street Group to remove gorse seedlings from the Leonard Wall Reserve. The weather was not too good but we had five people from FOLK. The Valley St. group is very small and with the convener unavoidably away, so no-one was able to attend from that group.

March 2017 News

This month we concentrated on no. 193 Forest Rd. As the weather has been a bit up and down, one Thursday we were soaked with rain,
and on Sunday roasted in 32 degrees heat. Because of this mixed weather pattern, the hazard reduction burn has not yet happened.
We spent $ 10.000 on contractors, and they did a great job.

February 2017 News

This month has been busy.
We finished the half-yearly wayleave. Then, with the help of contractors, we got stuck into the old growth gorse at 193 Forest Rd. It looks really amazing, and hopefully the majority will be cut by the time of the hazard reduction burn.
So all of March is devoted to that area.

January 2017 News

We had a really good planning meeting last week, and you will hear more about it later. We have received written permission to work on no. 193 Forest Rd. So the first couple of months we will concentrate on removing weed there.










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