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July News

Our activities in July went well.
We did more gorse "cutting and pasting", near the Bandicoot Corridor.
And though we didn't have Wally and his ax vehicle, our wayleave work went well on the Trig Point Hill.
Sunday we put 72 plants into very dry ground near the creek bed in Salvator Rosa Glen, the last part of the water grant.
Let's hope we get a bit of water for them.

We also looked at the landscape plan for the Poets Rd. quarry site, and 'walked' through the plan with John S., and he and Bruce C. determined what plants will be needed for the first stage of development.

There are a couple of things on the plan we are concerned about.
However, the plan will soon be on public display at the Poets Rd entrance and Forest Rd entrance.
All members and the public are invited to comment and put submissions.
FOKL will put their concerns in writing at that time.


May News

Botanical Buzz under the Powerlines. Sonya Stallbaum, Hobart City Council's Bushcare Coordinator, has published an article praising the success of FoKL's Wayleave maintenance program. It appears in the Autumn issue of TASWEEDS, the Tasmanian Weed Society's newsletter. The Newsletter can be downloaded from the following link: 42 Autumn 2009.pdf

Latest Activities. A slide presentation describing FOKL activities between January and May this year has been produced, and is now available.

Click here to watch the presentation online

Click here to download the presentation in PDF format (10MB).


PIictures and information about the revitalised state of Knocklofty's many frog ponds.

Click here to download Tony Ault's article in PDF format (3.8 MB)


September News

download a pdf file of the September 2008 Newsletter complete with photographs

Activities by FoKL on Knocklofty have progressed smoothly this year, with the focus on follow up weeding on various cleared and replanted sites.
FoKL have also continued with primary weeding of the gorse infested area above the fire trail running from Knocklofty Reserve to McRobies Gully.The northern end of the Frog Dam has been weeded and replanted with a large number of Poa labillardierei, Lomandra longifolia, Diplarena moreau, and other tussocky species; intensively enough to crowd out the grassy weeds.

The highlight of the year to date was a Fauna and Bird Watch. Over 30 people came and did a fauna quiz with Dave Obendorf and went on a bird watch with Peter Marmion.

Part of the old quarry, cleared in 2006, at the start of the Glover track has been weeded. A draft landscape plan for this area was prepared in 2007. Spraying of many new broom and gorse seedlings is needed here, before the area is landscaped.
Primary removal of native saplings and woody weeds has been completed under the powerlines and the area is now being revisited to remove regrowth and new seedlings.

Planning for the implementation of the water grant which will be used to reduce erosion in the bed of the Salvator Rosa rivulet is reaching the final stage. FoKL members support the recommendation of two experts to massively plant along the rivulet bed to provide a network of plants and roots that will reduce erosion during the occasional downpours. The grant includes $20,000 for plants which would fund a number of plantings in 2009.

Bruce Champion and Astrid Wright will be representing FoKL at the National Landcare Awards in Canberra in October. FoKL, as the Tasmanian 2007 winner, will represent Tasmania in the Landcare CarbonSMART Nature Conservation Award section. Bruce has prepared a powerpoint presentation for this event and this can be viewed on our new website

October News

During October a massive effort with great support from a large team and trucks from the HCC enabled us to clear all the gorse above the roadside adjacent to the reserve. This area will be now considered part of the reserve and follow up brush cutting of blackberry and spraying will follow. A planting plan will be prepared to enable the area to be revegetated with local provenance plants.

In other news Bruce and Astrid represented our group at the National Landcare Awards. They showed the other groups a PowerPoint presentation of our achievements. Although we didn't win the big one, we can be proud of the achievements we have made in the last 15 years

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation as a slideshow

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file

Farewell from your Co-ordinator

Dear Friends,

After 12 years as your co-ordinator, I have reluctantly decided to resign the position with FoKL to devote more time to the needs of my family. This decision has been made easier with the knowledge that we now have an ideal replacement co-ordinator in Astrid Wright and a good record of our achievements on our new website.

I have immensely enjoyed working with a great group of keen bushcarers . Together, with fantastic support from Hobart City Council’s Bushland Group, we have accomplished a lot for Knocklofty Reserve.

Janet and I were original members of FoKL after it formed, at the urging of Melva Truchanas, during a meeting of local residents near the water tank in 1992. In 1996 we took over the responsibility of joint co-ordinators. Janet provided a wonderful support role until she became ill in 2005.

Janet and Tony

Janet and Tony in 1992
Janet and Tony in 2008

Progress on Knocklofty was slow until FoKL obtained the first of many Envirofund grants in 1999. Since then, FoKL has guided the conversion of Knocklofty from a reserve containing over 150 disturbed sites of woody weeds, mainly gorse, to a lovely patch of native bush. The reserve now contains well designed and signed tracks, a number of restored frog ponds [currently dry due to the drought], stands of Eucalyptus globulus for the swift parrot, new habitats for the eastern barred bandicoot, over 30,000 additional local provenance native plants, and interpretative signs about our local fauna and cultural heritage.

During the last few years I have only been able to continue in the role due to the wonderful support given me by our core members. They made it possible for me to be absent at the wheel looking after Janet by helping to organise our many activities.

Astrid and FoKL
Astrid Wright 2008
Friends of Knocklofty 2008


We are lucky to have such a dedicated member as Astrid Wright to take over the co-ordinator’s role. Her husband Ian has offered to provide technical support. Astrid joined FoKL about 10 years ago and has been tireless in her support during group activities, working independently in clearing large areas of gorse and other weeds, and very supportive in organising morning and afternoon tea, providing useful advice, and opening her home to members for meetings.

Thank you all for your great support and friendship. I look forward to continuing that association and will do all I can to make the newco-ordinator’s job easier.

I love you all


Download PDF of Tony's letter.

A Fine Finish

Rehabilitation around the Reflecting Pond

A large group of FoKLers met on Sunday 16th November to put the final touches to an area being rehabilitated near the Reflecting Pond.

Area of work


The area, a bare patch of land overlooking the, currently dry, Reflecting Pond has been targeted for a make over. The improvements included:

  • Laying large logs near the edge of the pond to improve safety and encourage the build up of litter from the surrounding vegetation.
  • Spreading mulched native vegetation inside the log perimeter to providemoisture and nutrients for native seeds to propagate in the thin soil.
  • Laying slash recovered from the Reflecting Pond and surrounding areas toretain the litter and provide an encouragement to walkers to bypass the area while it is recovering.

Large eucalypt logs were strategically placed in the area early in November by staff from the Hobart City Council. This plan was the mastermind of the Manager of Civic Solutions and had the full support of both FoKL and theBushland Group. The Bushcrew transported several trailer loads of suitable native mulch and wood chips to the area for spreading.18 FoKLer volunteers and the HCC Supervisor Juliet Chapman, barrowed themulch to the area, spread it, and covered it with slash. The following photos illustrate the fun, energy, and hard work put into the day.

reflecting pond 1

Collecting the mulch
Spreading the mulch

reflecting pond 2

Clearing the pond
Spreading slash

reflecting pond 3

After the job was done, the FoKLers gathered to share The Reward, a magnificent afternoon tea prepared secretly by volunteers. This was brought along to thank the retiring Co-ordinator after his last activity in charge of the group

Download a pdf of this report








Weeding the Frog Dam

Spreading Mulch

Fauna group
Fauna Watch Briefing

Bird Watching

The Quarry