Allocasuarina littoralis female flowers, Black sheoak, Knocklofty Reserve, photo by B. Champion (

May 2022 News

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Vale Melva Truchanas. Tasmanian conservationist.Melva was also one of a group of West Hobart people that formed FoKL. The earliest dated paper I can find in our archives is from 7/3/1993. Melve  (secretary?) sent a list of 32 people to Tony Ault (convenor?) from a meeting. The group is already called Friends of Knocklofty. Their aim is to ‘rehabilitate and beautify’ Knocklofty Reserve. Later they talk about their activities. I don’t think all 32 members worked ‘on ground’ but it was a start.

There was a short video interview with Mayor Anna Reynolds and three other council volunteers (I represented bushcare) to celebrate ‘Volunteers’ and all the good things they do.

About 20 uni. students and three staff came for a walk & talk of the reserve. They mainly wanted to know about grants, what we used the money for, and community involvement.

This month was our half-yearly wayleave maintenance. It consist of removing small trees and woody weeds under the power lines.

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