Knocklofty Reserve is part of the foothills of Mt. Wellington above West Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The reserve covers more than 155 hectares of mostly native bushland, and protects an astonishing variety of plants and animals. It is renowned for its frog ponds and birds, including many rare species.

A great attraction for visitors are the scenic walking tracks with spectacular views of the City and Mt. Wellington.

The healthy, thriving native bushland you see in Knocklofty Reserve today is not an accident. It has resulted from many years of tireless dedication from a small group of Bushcare volunteers: The Friends of Knocklofty Bushcare Group [FoKL]. The group, formed in 1992, works on the reserve in partnership with the Hobart City Council, who owns the land on behalf of the citizens of Hobart.


The group meets twice per month:


Current Program-June 2024

Thursday 6th June

Roving gorse weeding uphill from the Sandy Spit Track.  KR 18.
9.00 am – 11.30 am with coffee and biscuits
Meet at Forest Rd. car park

Thursday 20th June

 Gorse, broom and bone seed weeding in KR 15.
9.00 am to 11.30 am with coffee and biscuits.
Meet at the end of Knocklofty Tce.

Explore Knocklofty

Knocklofty Reserve contains over 300 species of native plants growing in ten dry and wet sclerophyll forest communities. 
A range of fauna have been identified, ranging through birds, frogs, reptiles, and marsupials. Our actions have helped to improve the habitat of these fauna.

See our busy members engaged in what they do best: restoring and maintaining the beauty and magic of Knocklofty Reserve