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December 2023 News

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Thursday was our last activity for the year, and we did some weeding of seedling gorse at 193 forest Rd. Then we had the final morning coffee.

Sonya, from CoH bushcare unit, volunteered with us for the day, and also brought two lovely homemade cakes with some homemade Danish Xmas biscuits and fresh fruit, we had a very good end-of-year ‘do’.

Council’s new bushcare coordinator, Claire Knowles, joined us, and it is good to see the people from the city, that we deal with.

FoKL’s fauna officer David Obendorf and I did a tour in the reserve, observing signs of grazing and digging, and checking for tadpoles in three of the ponds. David mentioned the need for a dedicated fauna officer in the council, who would concentrate on the wild life, their abundance or lack there-of. I’ll bring this up at the convenors meeting with the bushcare unit on Wednesday.

Our annual planning meeting will be on Wednesday the 17th Jan. and first activity day on Thursday 1stFeb. 2024. But more about that in January.

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