Keen FoKL Members after hemlock, gorse, broom & blackberry weeding in Poets Road entrance area 2/02/2023. Photo: Bruce Champion

February 2023 News

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In late January I noticed an unfamiliar sedge in Salvator Rosa Glen. So, our first activity in February clearing the lower part of the Glover Track of hemlock, broom and some gorse was cut short, as we decided to have a look at the top end of Salvator Rd. to see where the sedge came from, and if we would consider tackling the sites.

There were many and varied weeds and clumps of the sedge in full flower/seed, and Bruce took a sample to the university herbarium to be classified, and Jeff agreed to look in the councils ‘LIST’ to assess land ownership.

It turned out to be Cyperus lucidus, common name: Leafy Flat-sedge, cutty or Moo-oo Grass, a plant rarely seen in southern Tasmania. The sites were either privately owned or road verges, where we are not allowed to work. We gave up on the idea of clearing around the sedge.

Then we spent sessions on removing seedling gorse above the Sandy Spit Track, and beyond the end of Forest Rd. towards the tip.

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