Acacia dealbata flowers – west Knocklofty Reserve

August 2023 News

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The wattles are in full flowers all over the reserve, and it is a delight to walk past and smell the bloom.

This month we checked both sides of the Glover Track for weeds and reported the illegal  downhill mountain bike tracks constructed on the northern side of the track.

Then it was looking for young gorse above the Weerona Trail.

On the Sunday we dismantled the ‘teepees’ build around the big trees at the back of the Trig Point Hill. We don’t mind young people construct these things, but wish they would scatter the material, after they have finished playing with the wood. Stacked around the base of the trees, it makes the trees more fire prone.

Friends of Knocklofty have been asked to participate in a research project called ‘Gardening with fire’. Meagan Porter is the project manager and based at the Fire Centre at the School of Natural Science at Uni. Tas. The Fire and Biodiversity dept. of the city council is also involved, and we had the first meeting 10 days ago. It is a long term project, and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

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