FoKL members enjoying coffee after a morning working on the Glover Track 3-8-22. Photo Bruce Champion

August 2022 News

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This month we did the yearly sweep over either side of the Glover Track, looking for weeds. There were a few gorse and broom, and next to one of the neighbouring house quite a few foxglove. Then we did the plant maintenance of the grasses, we planted above the Weerona Trail two years ago. At that time, the area that was cleared of big gorse, were divided into two sites, and about 130 grasses planted on each site. On one site the grasses were protected by the sleeves and most of them have survived. Sleeves and sticks were removed. On the other half we planted the grasses in the windrows without sleeves, some of those grasses have been eaten down. However, on that site the natural regeneration of the marsupial lawn is really good.

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