FoKL members after clearing forget-me-nots in providence valley 26/9/22 Photo: Bruce Champion

September 2022 News

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September’s first two activities were in Providence Valley Rivulet area. We talked about the ‘Paraclete’ estate and looked at the remnants of old road formations, stone fences, formed terraces and surviving introduced flowers. All signs of the early European settlement in Hobart. Then it was into hand pulling of forget-me-nots and thistles and more of the same for the third Thursday.

Sunday was our yearly turn in Salvator Rosa Glen. Sleeves and sticks were removed. We have had talks with COH Fire & Biodiversity officers, and a management plan for the area has been made. To protect the glen’s open areas for the benefit of plant diversity and fauna, some of the self-seeded blackwood needed to be removed. A few hardy and very welcome FoKL turned up, and we cut the trees and also removed the protective sleeves from last year’s planting.

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