Astrid, Stephen and another member clearing forget-me-nots in Providence valley 7-10-22. Photo: Bruce Champion

October 2022 News

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This month saw the end of our spring weeding of forget-me-nots and thistles in Providence Valley Rivulet. Some people fell we should just learn to live with these introduced weeds. However, we are trying to control it for a few years to give the endemic vegetation a chance to be established in the areas cleared of gorse.

The plant-give-away went well and Peter Stronac , CEO of Landcare Tasmania, conducted a very interesting walk/talk about the changes in the vegetation over the last 200 years, and the effect of pest control on the endemic fauna. If you need pest control, please look for one with only ‘caution’ on the front. AVOID THE ONE WITH ‘POISON’ ON THE FRONT.

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