Blue Tongued Lizard - Summit of Knocklofty
Blue Tongue Lizard – Summit of Knocklofty

November 2023 News

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This month we concentrated on wayleave maintenance under the power lines from the Lenah Valley over Knocklofty to the South Hobart, removing any young eucalyptus, wattle or other tall woody scrub that might interfere with the lines.

The last day we had a visit by three representatives from TasNetworks and two from their contractor ‘ACTIVE trees’. They were all very complementary about our maintenance work and the reps from Active trees had a gift for us! We were given four foot long, very strong and very sharp new hand saws, with holsters and special safety gloves. They will be very useful, but should be handled with care, preferably limited to more experienced bush carers. We are really appreciative of the present, and happy that all of them are satisfied with our work.

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