Keen FoKL Members after hemlock, gorse, broom & blackberry weeding in Poets Road entrance area 2/02/2023. Photo: Bruce Champion

June 2023 News

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The first activity this month was cancelled due to high wind. The third Thursday we looked at 193 Forest Rd. Discussed what will be needed there to remove all the tiny gorse. I’m looking into it. 

We then went on to work on the area next to 193, taking out small hawthorn, gorse, blackberries, forget-me-nots and thistles. That site is now done for the year.

Sunday, we removed gorse around the two first zig-zag bends on the Mt. Stuart Track.

At both activities we discussed the possibility of removing the old fence around Janets Pond. It was suggested that points for and against this move should be set out.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. 

The top edge of the western embarkment on the Weerona Trail, near the Mt. Stuart end (just above the stair access from Bimbadeen Court), was beginning to erode badley. Here the CoH paid a contractor to pin down a 180 sq. m. sheet of weed matting, and plant a total of 800 grass plants. The plants are a mixture of Poa lab, Lomandra long, Austrostipia sti, and Dichelachne.

The contractor have to water for three months, then look after it for nine months.

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