Keen FoKL Members after hemlock, gorse, broom & blackberry weeding in Poets Road entrance area 2/02/2023. Photo: Bruce Champion

April 2023 News

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Thursday mornings are really well attended, more so than Sunday afternoons, and we have been able to sweep through a wide area of the reserve centred around the Forest Rd. car park. Removing seedling gorse, broom, blackberries, hawthorn and of cause thistles and forget-me-nots!

For some time, we have been worried about the weeds on the cliff faces of two old quarries. We asked a climber, who has done that sort of work before, to have a look and estimate a cost. However, we didn’t realise the requirements the CoH would need for people to work in the reserve. So, at the moment it is an inquiry in progress.

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