Allocasuarina verticillata that had to be removed from under powerlines.

May 2021 News

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This morning I took two classes of grade 2 students from Lansdowne Crs. Primary School on a walk and talk through the reserve. They wanted to know what we considered ‘weeds’, as it seemed different to the weeds in their own gardens.It is lovely to see so many keen and interested children, and hopefully they will be the next custodians of the reserve.

FoKL now have a QR code, and this month was the first time we used it, and it all went smoothly.

We spent the two Thursdays in May on our half yearly wayleave maintenance. At these activities, we check for vegetation that may become too tall under the power lines, and report to TasNetworks any tall trees that might fall from the side boundaries on the lines. The image shows a tree that had to be removed.

On the Sunday we walked through the area above the Sandy Spit Track and combed it for re-growth gorse.

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