Working on gorse in 133 Forest Road

June 2021 News

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The June activities went well, and we have removed most of the big old-growth gorse from 133 Forest Rd.

Sunday was well attended with several new people. There is just one thing, when the COH tools were put back in storage, it was noted that one of the bright orange safety covers for the loppers was missing. We will be looking for it on site, but we also wonder, if anybody put the cover into their backpack for safe keeping, and it is still there? It would be really good if people would have a look,  and let me know.

The coffee break with biscuit, that we have after an activity, is really important, it gives people a chance to relax and chat. This is also the time that any business regarding the running of FoKL, and program/queries are raised and resolved. It facilitates to a great extent the cohesion and success of the group. So after I took the Lansdowne Crs. Primary School students for a walk/talk, and the adults asked how they could help  FoKL, I said half joking, that we love chocolate biscuits after work!  They gave us 12 packets! Very welcome!

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