Members working on gorse elimination, Forest Road. Mt Wellington behind. Photo by Bruce Champion.

April 2021 News

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It’s nearly two years since we went through KR 26, the area south east of the Forest Rd. car park. We didn’t find much re-growth gorse , and the area is good for another two years. There are some signs of young people forming bicycle tracks, but not too bad.

From the boundary to 133 Forest Rd. we looked at the gorse on that property.
We have been talking about helping the landowner remove the old growth gorse from that block. However, this has to be assessed by both the COH, landowner and FoKL.

As a rule, if it is good weather an hour before an activity, it is on.
But on the third Thursday, it started to rain at 8.45 am, and by the time we signed in and had our tools, it was too wet to continue, so we went home.

Yesterday, I did a walk/talk with about 20 students and staff from Tas. Uni.
They were interested in the funded projects FoKL have obtained over the years.

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